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Just wanted to say thank you so much for getting me my replacement debit card so quickly! This mama will be able to play Santa much easier now! One more reason I love banking with you, and working for this company! 

Melissa G.

I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate the great customer service that this credit union provides. From my loan rep Christine Fonseca (especially amazing), to every person I have spoken to on the phone or interacted with online. You are always helpful, informative and professional. Keep up the awesome work!

Kimberly W.

I recently applied for a loan to purchase a new truck.  I was fortunate to be assigned to Chad Mallo.  He has a true passion for his work...I have never been treated with such great customer service.  Chad showed care and guidance during the entire process.

Kurt S.

I appreciate your time and assistance in making purchasing a vehicle painless. Darden Credit Union has been very helpful. I'm so excited to part of such a wonderful credit union.

Jeannie C.

The customer service is over the top friendly!  The financial products are on par with any large bank and the returns are better! I have taken advantage of the outstanding auto loan APRs and VISA credit card. I'm a member for life

Stephen C.

Thank you so much for all your help in getting us the loan so we could pay our taxes on time! I'm so grateful you had the idea to use the equity in our vehicle for a loan and did everything you could to get it done so quickly. This has been weighing on us for months, and you helped us out - beginning to end - in just a few hours. Wow.

The DCU staff has repeatedly impressed us with their customer-service orientation, friendliness and helpfulness. Even though we've only been with DCU for under a year, we've had 3-4 occasions to rave about your business's service. You may not think that you did anything exceptional, but please believe us when we say that the service you gave us on Friday was above and beyond anything we'd come to expect from previous banks.

 Brad M.

I had been catching rides from my daughter or, worse, catching the bus for a two hour trip to work when I only live a few miles away! I spoke to Christine on a whim one day, discouraged and sad, and inquired about getting a car loan. Since my credit history was not the best, I was scared.

She was able to get me approved in a few short minutes and suggested the Auto Advisors service to help me locate a vehicle (since I didn't have the luxury of shopping around). Four short days later, I had a car! It's amazing to not have to ride the bus or find a ride wherever I need to go. Thanks so much DCU!

 Tina B.

Darden Credit Union is Amazing!  I received an email from DCU about refinancing my current auto loan for an incredibly low interest rate. I called Christine and was surprised to find out that not only could I get a lower interest rate and shorten the term of my loan, I was also able to consolidate some of my bills using the equity in my car. This loan saved me thousands in interest on my car loan, a couple hundred dollars a month in payments on credit debt and a couple thousand more on the high interest rates.

Shortly after this I received a card in the mail for a DCU VISA credit card, with a low interest rate and even lower rate for balance transfers. I spoke to Deanna and was able to consolidate the rest of my credit debt to this one card. This saved me another $200 dollars a month in payments and thousands in interest from the old credit cards.

DCU has, by far, the easiest loan process I have ever encountered. It only took a few days and was all done online and by phone. They also have the best staff. Christine and Deanna were friendly, knowledgeable, and most efficient. They even looked at my credit profile and helped determine the best way to help me. Now my husband and I have only a car payment and one credit card bill. I am so grateful for all of their help. Our next step will be to contact their mortgage dept. as we are looking to buy a house.   

Stacy E.

I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done to help me get this vehicle. It truly is a dream come true!  I couldn't be happier with the customer service and understanding of complicated circumstances. You have made me a lifelong DCU customer. I will be sure to tell everyone I know how you helped me out when nobody else would give me a chance, and am so very grateful for all you have done.

 Max C.

I recently had the absolute pleasure of joining Darden CU and she (Kaitlin) was the most professional, friendliest person I have ever dealt with. She was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the services offered by your financial institution. I look forward to working with her for many years. Thank you for having such a caring young woman on your staff.


I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the service Tina and the rest of the credit union staff has given me. I was working with the credit union to refinance my home with the goal of lowering my monthly payments and paying off my auto loan. It turned out the appraisal did not come in high enough to allow me to pay off my car loan, as I thought I would be able to. I met with Tina and explained the situation. In no time she had worked out a solution for me to pay down my auto loan as much as I could, and refigured monthly payments that would work within my budget. This process has saved me over $200/month. I am so grateful for Tina’s willingness to continually help with anything I ask of her, and look forward to continuing to work with DCU staff in the future.

Sue H.

I recently purchased a vehicle and worked with Tina on the financing. I had my original car loan done at the dealership. I had a conversation with Tina a few days after and she was able to refinance my loan and reduced my monthly payment by more than $200. My interest rate was also significantly reduced by 2.50%. Her customer service and level of professionalism was great! I just had a great overall experience and thought this needed to be shared.

 Vern T.

I received an offer in the mail and when I applied, Deanna emailed me with a personalized email just two days after! I had my loan approved and all the necessary paper work done by the end of the week.  Working with Deanna was a pleasure. She was polite, friendly, and quick to respond to phone calls and emails. To make things even better, she answered the phone every time I called.

The process of joining Darden Credit Union is easily the best transaction I have had in this type of market. This has made me want to tell people about this organization and my experience. In addition to this superior customer service, I received rates I never thought I would get. The savings are almost unreal, so THANK YOU!

 Garrett F.

I purchased a car back in March and the best rate I found at the time, due to some past credit issues, was 24.99%. That gave me a 73-month term with monthly payments of $398. I received a notice from DCU saying I was pre-approved for an auto loan purchase/refinance. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I filled out the online application. Twenty-four hours and two emails later, I had refinanced my car at 4.95%, lowered my payments to $280 and shaved 13 months off the term of my loan! As far as the process, it was the easiest thing I have ever done. Christine was EXTREMELY pleasant, professional and easy to work with! Over time, I will save $11,800 by refinancing my loan with DCU. Best decision I have ever made!

 Shane C.

Becoming a member of Darden Credit Union has been a blessing. I was trying to get my first loan and other places kept denying me due to no credit history, but Darden Credit Union accepted me with open arms. They have awesome rates for people who are trying to start building credit and even better rates for people who already have a good credit rating. My first loan with DCU was for a motorcycle and the interest rate I received was amazing! DCU will have saved me over $300 on interest on my first loan. Darden already has many benefits for their employees, sponsoring an employee credit union is just extraordinary.

 Adam G.

One day I got a piece of mail from Darden Credit Union saying they could help to lower the interest rate and payments on my car. I didn't pay attention at first, because I didn't think it could be true. I finally decided to see if they could help, went online and filled out the loan application.

I had purchased my car a few years back was being charged a 24% interest rate. I was quickly approved by DCU to refinance my car…for 4.5%! Not only was my rate reduced by almost 20 points, my payments decreased by over $90 per month, and we shortened the life of the loan by 48 months! All in all, by refinancing with DCU I am saving over $18,700! Thank goodness I paid attention to that piece of mail.

Juan M.

My loan experience with Darden Credit Union was the easiest, most pleasant loan experience I've ever had…and the most financially rewarding, too! Onika was extremely professional yet personable, took care of literally EVERYTHING, and did it all in less than 48 hours!

I refinanced two cars and ended up saving a total of almost $3500 over the life of the loan, and my payments went down by over $100 a month. One loan went from 16.8% down to 6.95%...truly a huge difference! Now I want to refinance everything possible with DCU!

Ami P.

My son was about to graduate from high school and join the Air Force. I wanted to be able to give him a well-deserved gift to show him how proud I was of all his hard work. I began the search to get an auto loan to be able to surprise him with a reliable car for a graduation gift. Being a single mom with less-than-perfect credit and three kids going through college; this was harder than I imagined. After going to multiple credit unions and banks in my area, I was starting to think I wouldn't be able to make this happen. When I got the flyer from work about Darden Credit Union, I figured this might be my last attempt to get financing. I submitted an online application, and within one day had an email regarding my approval. Emily was so helpful and understanding of my situation. She even expedited paperwork and sent the loan funds overnight so that I could receive a one-day-only sale price on the car I was looking at (saving $1900!). I took my son car shopping with me, telling him that I was finally buying a better car for myself. A week later, I surprised him at his graduation with the keys to the car. I couldn't believe that I was able to give my son this token of my love, support and pride; the experience had me in tears (the happy kind).

 Wendy B.

When my team leaders at work told us about how Darden now had a credit union for employees, and they did auto loans, I had the feeling that DCU was the answer I had been looking for. I filled out an easy application online, and within days Onika called me and offered me the best APR I had ever been offered (especially as a first time buyer). Onika was prompt to answer my questions and really helped to guide me through the car buying and financing process. I was a young, struggling adult trying to get from point A to point B; worrying about how to get to work and school, etc. Now I have my freedom. I feel truly blessed to have received this benefit in my life.

 Veronica K.

I am thrilled that I was able to join Darden Credit Union. It already has made an impact on my life. The credit union was able to lower my payment on my car loan and save me more than $1,000 in interest!

 Juliet S.

I went online and requested a credit card and then decided to check on refinancing my existing automobile loan. I was amazed at the response time and great customer service given by our Credit Union employees. When the necessary information was submitted, the loan was approved within the day. It was so easy!

 Karen Z.

Very easy loan process. I applied online, received a decision in 60 seconds and an email the next day regarding my auto loan. Amazing customer service, Emily was fantastic. Thanks DCU!

Rodrigo D.

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